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school is back...

hey hey! i haven't updated about my first day of school..it was actually pretty good..we performed in front of the school and that went well, and yes i know our skirts are short, but usually they're suppose to be..i shall talk about my classes now

Biology-Mrs.Little seems to be pretty nice and easy (i hope). There isn't very many people in that class but thats okay.

Algebra 2-Well i'm not sure i'll like Mrs.Glenn, but i will try. This class has 36 people in it and the new hot guy lol.

RTV-There's only like 11 of us, but Mrs. Beach is very nice, so it shall be fun.

Adv.English-Mrs.Bedell seems to be hard but nice. She sat me and Laura together so at least i'll have someone to talk to. Oh yah, i didn't finish my summer assignment until 11:33 last night and stayed up till 12:30 helping thomas.

Keyboading-There's alot of freshmen in there. But i love Mrs.Doughty. Jonathan is in there now, lol he's like the only senior.

Latin 2-Well Mrs.Warren is still Mrs.Warren. boring. but oh well. and all the smart people are in our class which isn't good because our curves won't be that high, oh well.

so over all school is good. i like not being a freshmen anymore. i'm not as shy and stuff. weird. i got a stupid bottom locker!! and it's at the front of the school. so my dear friend chris shawver is gonna let me share with him because he has a top locker. but if kayla gets a top then i'm sharing with her. we'll see how that works out.

oh yes the jamboree was awful. we didn't even get to cheer. i went to cassie's though at like 8. cody and james were there and we just sat around and watched movies. was fun.

well that is all for today fokes. tune in later for more updates. haha that was dorkish.
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