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it's amazing how you can love someone so much in so little time

im up late and there's nothing to do except to update. my subject is referring to my new baby sister. oh my she's so precious. i've already got her spoiled.the baby was born on July 29 and we named her Mackenzie Grace. She weighed 6 pounds and 14 oz,she's so tiny and cute.

Lately i've been just hanging out alot with people. I've also met alot of new people. So it's been fun.

I'm hoping we don't start school on time. I really need to read my summer assignment. I think i'm gonna read all day tomorrow. I'm only on 82 out of 639 and i haven't done any of the assignment. So yah i need to get started.

My love life sucks. Nothing new. So it doesn't matter. Well i guess it really doesn't suck considering i don't like anyone at all. So it's not like i'm wanting something i can't have.

Lately i've discovered that being around my family makes me feel so complete.

I've bored you and me enough. goodnight
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