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ah tomorrow i go to the lake!

i'm very bored with nothing to do so i decided to write about my week so far.

Monday-Katie came over along with Craig. Then Alan, Cassie, and Michael stopped by. We all decided to go to John's house. So it was me, katie, chris, craig, cassie, alan, michael, rob, and john. We had alot of fun.I got to drive Rob's explore to the gas station!! the only bad thing was coming back a cop followed us but then turned. woo was that a good thing. anyways then we came home.

Tuesday-During the day Cassie picked me up and we went to her work then out to eat at Don Panchos. Then she took me home. At about 8 Cassie came back and picked me up and we met people at Kroger (the new meeting spot haha) Jacob, Josh, Jessica, me, Cassie, Adam, Katie all went out to Ghostbridge. My lord that place is scary! We didn't do the thing with the car though because Adam was taking me home and he had to be home by 11 and it was already like uh 10:50 and if yall know where ghostbridge is its VERY far away from my house and Josh's house. but anyways it was fun.

Today-i want to go buy a new bathing suit, so i hope to get to do that. Tonight i think cass might spend the night, but im not sure yet. but i think i've bored you enough!oh yah the last entry about me being interested in someone, i'm NOT! anyways goodbye.
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