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how weird..it's been so long that he's called, and he called

well wow! I haven't updated in some time, so i will now. Lately i've been doing cheerleading and hanging out with friends. Cheerleading is over for two weeks then we go to camp. I'm rooming with krista, so i'm excited about it all. Oh and Whitney got captain and Holly go co-captain and they're really sweet girls so i'm thinking this year is gonna be great with that subject. I went to the lake this weekend. We rode wave runners. It was so much fun, i love being out on water, i feel so free. it's great. lol. i got a tad bit burnt though, but i got the sun i much needed. I felt so white. i still need some more though. On another note, i'm single but i think i'm ready for that year long type relationship. Doesn't it suck when you feel so alone? I always want more out of life, you think i could just be happy with what i have but no i want more. Anyways mom is having the baby on July 29th at 10:30 in the morning, she's having a sea section that's why we know the time and everything lol..no i'm just good like that and know when everything is gonna happen, not. Anyways i'm excited about getting to see the baby. But i'm gonna go take a shower and go to bed, the sun makes me so tired. goodbye!
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