*-liinz-* (lindzbizeth) wrote,

it's been forever i know!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! i hope everyone's christmas has been as good as mine! Let me begin with what i got for christmas!

1. Clothes (of course)
2. Jacket
3. Purse
4. Extreme Answer to Extreme Questions (book)
5. $300
6. Britney Cd (in the zone)
7. a BED! (i bet yall are glad about that, it won't break anymore)
8. DVD/VCR player
9. TV
10. Lucky You (perfume)
11. American Eagle (perfume)
12. A picture box thingi
13. Bath & Body works stuff
14. Gift Cards to American Eagle & the mall
15. Blanket
16. $50 a month gas card to wal-mart for the next year! (never thought i'd be excited about that one)
17. two new charms for my charm bracelet
18. oh and a house (my dad takes me to this house and says this is your other christmas gift, and i was like what?, and he said this is the house we're building. my bedroom is gonna be big and nice, even though i don't see him much i'll have to start going, lol. but anyways i wouldn't really consider that a christmas gift, but he says it is, so whatever)

i was waiting for my mom and rob to come to rob's parents house today, so i just drove down some back roads towards mont. central. it's amazing the things you think about when you're just driving. i thought about how i'm getting older, which means my family is getting older. i think it depressed me at first but then i realized as long as i enjoy these moments, it'll be okay. i'm done.
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