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heather: "hey bitch get up" haha

hello. it's been a long time. not much has happened in my life. school sucks. rather stay at home and sleep. love life sucks, don't have one. family is good, me and my mom are closer then ever. that makes things easier. becoming really good friends with heather and cassie (well me and cass were already close). katie is sick :( so pray she gets better. did pretty good on the report card. everyone seems to be happy around me. thats good. can you tell i'm depressed? lol. it will all be okay. i'm getting my hair done wednesday. i'm debating rather to cut it, like not short just a different kind of style. moving on to this weekend. friday we had a game at whitehouse. those people are rude. they kept walking past us and saying crap. then cops told them they couldnt pass us anymore, it was kinda fun though. after the game i spent the night at whit's with holly. on saturday me, heather, sara, laura, shelly, mary margo, and alyssa went to sara's. then we hung out with some people. and when we took mary margo home we got to see thomas!!! it was fun. good times. then today i went to church and sams and that's it. but i know this entry was pointless, but i never update and i felt it was time.
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