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i'm here without you baby. . .good song

yo. haven't updated in a while, so decided i would. this weekend was pretty good. on friday we had a game and won! woohoo we're doing good. after the game cassie and jess took me,sara, and laura to sara's and a bunch of people went over there. then we went to zachs, then to alans, and back to sara's. it was fun. then on saturday i went home and registered at Lana's Dance Centre eee i can't wait! then we went shopping in n-ville. got home and got ready and james and cody came and picked me up and we went to cassies. they took us to hooters then we went to riverfest. we watched cdf walked around and then left. it was kinda boring. cassie took us to the statues. let me tell you that's some scary stuff! after that we came to my house for a while and hung out. they left and i went to bed. sunday my family went to the lake and just hung out.

tomorrow is gonna be a long day, but hopefully fun! i have cheerleading from 2:30-4:30 and dance from 6-9:15. i'm taking ballet,jazz, and hip-hop. it'll be like that every tuesday. woo i should be tired after all that.

well i should go do my homework, so that's what i shall do. bye yall!
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