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HH3k420 (11:59:29 AM): that party was the definition of boppin

im updating. the past few weeks i've been staying pretty busy doing stuff with all the friends. it's been ALOT of fun! last night though had to be by far the best party all summer in montgomery county. it was jacobs going away party. anyone who didn't go really missed out. i'm going to miss jacob alot, i've gotten pretty close to him considering my best friend is his sister and everything we do he usualy is with us. he's like my older bro that i never had. tonight i didn't do anything, since i haven't stayed home in a while. oh yah, i got my belly button pierced! it's cute, me and laura got the same two rings and we didnt even go together. i found that amusing. oh yes molly-in your journal entry i know exactly how you feel! but see it helps that my best friend doesn't usually have relationships either. i'm tired and i have cheerleading from 8-12 tomorrow so i guess i should go get some sleep.
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