*-liinz-* (lindzbizeth) wrote,

cheer camp finally over!

hey guys! yesterday i got back from camp. it was fun. i roomed with krista and on the other side of us was whit and laura. woowee we had alot of "giggle" moments. such as dani and krista (wont go into that) lol.laura rode home with me and after we ate we slept the whole way home, then once i got home about 3:30 i went to bed and didn't wake back up till 8 this morning, man i musta been tired. lol. and katie called me while i was asleep and im not sure what we talked about? so i guess i should call her and see what she said lol. we did really good on sunday, if you wanna see what all we got look at racheals journal. except she got one thing wrong.

we got 1st overall in our cheer

not 4th!! lol where is the world did you get that??

well im gonna go unpack. bye!
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