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"oooh life's a bitch and then you die"

hey! i have a few minutes to spare so i decided to write. i'll catch you up on my 4th of July (lol kris).

Thursday-Me and Katez left for the lake. We just played around all day and met some people at the lake.

Friday-We rode waverunners, but ours got rope in the engine and we just happened to see eric, clifton, and caleb so they took us to the dock and i rode around with caleb and katez rode around with clifton on their waverunners for the rest of the day. then we went and took showers, got ready, rode around, then about 8 reyes and tim took us to paris landing to see the fire works. after that we went to mcdonalds and guess who we saw!? CASSIE + JESS!! we were like heyyyy! haha it was great. then we went back to the camp ground.

Saturday-We went out on the lake, then got ready, and rode around to "life's a bitch then you die!" and "right thare" (trying to spell how they sounded lol) me and katez new songs. then we went up to the lake and talked to cody and caleb forever in cody's car (his car is really nice) then cody took us back to our camper.

Sunday-we left to go to the "Byard's Reunion". just a buncha family. we went home, katies parents came and got her, then me and my mom went over to my grandparents house where a bunch of my other family was. my uncle took me on a ride in his </u>new corvette</u> and guess what he let me do!? yep he let ME drive!!! i was so excited, it goes really fast, maybe he'll give it to me. lol i doubt it.

well anyways i have to go to a cheerleading meeting at 6 and it's at whitney's and by the sounds of it, she lives way out in no where so i should be going. farewell!
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