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Interesting Day

Well summer has started and so far it's been good, but then again interesting. I've spent most of the time with friends (mostly katie). Last night i spent the night with katie at her grandfather's house this morning he dropped me off at katie's while katie went to cheerleading. I was there alone, well all of a sudden i hear someone come through the basement door. My first reaction was to get out of the house and that's what i did. I called my grandmother then she called my mom. My mom called me and said "Do you see anyone?" i turned and looked at the house and i saw someone in katie's parent's bedroom window. I got so scared then started walking towards the street. We called the police and my grandmother went and got Katie from cheerleading. The only thing i could keep thinking is what if i wasn't here and katie had walked in on them, or i was fixing to get in the shower but i didn't, i wonder what would have happened if i got out of the shower and they were there. Today i definitly learned that i take my life for granted. That was probably the scarediest i have ever been in my life. I'm just lucky that God was with me EVERY step of the way and i do believe without him i couldn't have reacted so well as i did. Well with that concluded i'm going to go, bye.
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