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i want Nate to decorate my room!

about the subject-on Oprah, Nate (a decorater) is decorating houses. anyways. this weekend i was mostly with Katez and Wes.

Friday-went over to katez house w/ wes. hung out for a while, then wes took me home.
saturday-spent most of the day doing a scrapbook for my mommy for mother's day. went to the mall, got katez a present, then went to her house. all her family was in town and she had people over that night. spent the night, went to bed about 3:00.
sunday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATEZ!!! got up and went to my step-dad's mom's house, then went to my nanny's and papa's house. did the gift thing, then katez came over and showed me her CAR that she got for her birthday. it's cute, it's a blue bug.

well that was my weekend. tonight i'm going to see my little cousin that i haven't seen in two years so i'm excited. goodbye!
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