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my weekend

hey! well my weekend was eventful so i shall share.

Friday-Me,Kayla,Haley,Alyssa,Amanda,and Katie went out to eat at Rafferty's then we walked to Putt-Putt and almost got raped lol. Putt-Putt was alot of fun Trey Lambert let us ride go-carts for free like a bunccccch of times. i got the fast amry car! haha. Then Trey Shock took Me and Kayla back to my house.

Saturday-Woke up, did some stuff. Went and got my hair done then came home and got ready for *prom*. Katie came over around 5 and we took a bunch of pictures then when Jonathan and Danny got to my house my family took even more pictures. We went to springfield to eat at this itilan restuarnt. it was good. then we went to prom. i had a great time! after that we went to my house and changed then went to afterprom-that was also fun. We got home around 5:30.

Sunday-Woke up at 12. Went to my step-sisters little performance thing for dance, came home. Then my mom got a phone call from her work saying that one of her friends got her arm (from the elbow down) tore off. So since my mom was upset, i drove to Vanderbilt. We stayed till about 10:30 and got home around 11:15.

So basically i'm really tired today. updates on my mom's friend-they weren't able to put her arm back on since it was tore off. So please keep her in your prayers. thanks!
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