*-liinz-* (lindzbizeth) wrote,

back to the real life

sorry for the lack of update. i hope everyone had a great spring break, i know i did. i went to Panama City Beach with katez,kayla,jacob, and jonathan. We hung out with alot of people from clarksville though, and also met alot of people. me and katie wanna move to Georgia. lol. well not too much new has happened in my life. i got rep. again for student council and i tried out for cheerleading and made that. other then those things not alot has been happening. i really liked the life of nothing in PCB, lay out all day, party all night. it was great. but i guess everything has to come to an end. it went by too fast, oh well only another year to wait till spring break again lol. congrats to all the girls who made the NEHS dance team and the RHS cheerleading team. (i thought i would include that). ee katie if you're reading this that really cute guy from Georiga just I-Med me! lol well i'm gonna go bye!
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i'm glad you're back! :D
Congrats on cheerleading ;) thanks bout dance team, glad ya had fun in flordia! love ya!!

hey liinz


April 21 2003, 05:44:08 UTC 13 years ago

hey sweetie! i missed you when you were in florida, and i want you to know i'm proud of ya for workin hard and making the team. i love ya!!! o yea this is alyssa by the way.!
heyy there chik! lol me n alyssa are doin this in k/b..blah..bordom..CONGRATS GIRL!~! luv ya bunches!!glad ur back!*! lol i'm sure we've both got plenty stories to tell..haha..well ima go! ta*ta for now-mucha smucha*~* .::*::.Haley.::*::.
Congrats on cheerleading! =) This year's gonna be a blast!!
hey!! thanks guys for the comments. and yes this year is gonna be a blast!