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well. . .   
10:29pm 25/12/2003
  well the last entry i wrote before reading yall's. i'm not gonna erase mine though, bc for one thing, i was not putting it out there to seem like a spoiled bitch by any means. i was just expressing how good my christmas was and how lucky i am. and yes i realize others aren't as lucky, but i know my family along with other families give money to needy people during the holidays. and if you think i'm writing this bc i'm going against people, i'm not. all i'm saying is i think sometimes people take everything too serious. i'm through, i wrote this so people wouldn't think bad of me for writing what i got, even though i really don't care, lol just saying.  
it's been forever i know!   
09:56pm 25/12/2003
  MERRY CHRISTMAS! i hope everyone's christmas has been as good as mine! Let me begin with what i got for christmas!

1. Clothes (of course)
2. Jacket
3. Purse
4. Extreme Answer to Extreme Questions (book)
5. $300
6. Britney Cd (in the zone)
7. a BED! (i bet yall are glad about that, it won't break anymore)
8. DVD/VCR player
9. TV
10. Lucky You (perfume)
11. American Eagle (perfume)
12. A picture box thingi
13. Bath & Body works stuff
14. Gift Cards to American Eagle & the mall
15. Blanket
16. $50 a month gas card to wal-mart for the next year! (never thought i'd be excited about that one)
17. two new charms for my charm bracelet
18. oh and a house (my dad takes me to this house and says this is your other christmas gift, and i was like what?, and he said this is the house we're building. my bedroom is gonna be big and nice, even though i don't see him much i'll have to start going, lol. but anyways i wouldn't really consider that a christmas gift, but he says it is, so whatever)

i was waiting for my mom and rob to come to rob's parents house today, so i just drove down some back roads towards mont. central. it's amazing the things you think about when you're just driving. i thought about how i'm getting older, which means my family is getting older. i think it depressed me at first but then i realized as long as i enjoy these moments, it'll be okay. i'm done.
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heather: "hey bitch get up" haha   
04:25pm 12/10/2003
mood: depressed
hello. it's been a long time. not much has happened in my life. school sucks. rather stay at home and sleep. love life sucks, don't have one. family is good, me and my mom are closer then ever. that makes things easier. becoming really good friends with heather and cassie (well me and cass were already close). katie is sick :( so pray she gets better. did pretty good on the report card. everyone seems to be happy around me. thats good. can you tell i'm depressed? lol. it will all be okay. i'm getting my hair done wednesday. i'm debating rather to cut it, like not short just a different kind of style. moving on to this weekend. friday we had a game at whitehouse. those people are rude. they kept walking past us and saying crap. then cops told them they couldnt pass us anymore, it was kinda fun though. after the game i spent the night at whit's with holly. on saturday me, heather, sara, laura, shelly, mary margo, and alyssa went to sara's. then we hung out with some people. and when we took mary margo home we got to see thomas!!! it was fun. good times. then today i went to church and sams and that's it. but i know this entry was pointless, but i never update and i felt it was time.
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i'm here without you baby. . .good song   
07:51pm 08/09/2003
mood: excited
yo. haven't updated in a while, so decided i would. this weekend was pretty good. on friday we had a game and won! woohoo we're doing good. after the game cassie and jess took me,sara, and laura to sara's and a bunch of people went over there. then we went to zachs, then to alans, and back to sara's. it was fun. then on saturday i went home and registered at Lana's Dance Centre eee i can't wait! then we went shopping in n-ville. got home and got ready and james and cody came and picked me up and we went to cassies. they took us to hooters then we went to riverfest. we watched cdf walked around and then left. it was kinda boring. cassie took us to the statues. let me tell you that's some scary stuff! after that we came to my house for a while and hung out. they left and i went to bed. sunday my family went to the lake and just hung out.

tomorrow is gonna be a long day, but hopefully fun! i have cheerleading from 2:30-4:30 and dance from 6-9:15. i'm taking ballet,jazz, and hip-hop. it'll be like that every tuesday. woo i should be tired after all that.

well i should go do my homework, so that's what i shall do. bye yall!
school is back...   
05:45pm 25/08/2003
mood: dorky
hey hey! i haven't updated about my first day of school..it was actually pretty good..we performed in front of the school and that went well, and yes i know our skirts are short, but usually they're suppose to be..i shall talk about my classes now

Biology-Mrs.Little seems to be pretty nice and easy (i hope). There isn't very many people in that class but thats okay.

Algebra 2-Well i'm not sure i'll like Mrs.Glenn, but i will try. This class has 36 people in it and the new hot guy lol.

RTV-There's only like 11 of us, but Mrs. Beach is very nice, so it shall be fun.

Adv.English-Mrs.Bedell seems to be hard but nice. She sat me and Laura together so at least i'll have someone to talk to. Oh yah, i didn't finish my summer assignment until 11:33 last night and stayed up till 12:30 helping thomas.

Keyboading-There's alot of freshmen in there. But i love Mrs.Doughty. Jonathan is in there now, lol he's like the only senior.

Latin 2-Well Mrs.Warren is still Mrs.Warren. boring. but oh well. and all the smart people are in our class which isn't good because our curves won't be that high, oh well.

so over all school is good. i like not being a freshmen anymore. i'm not as shy and stuff. weird. i got a stupid bottom locker!! and it's at the front of the school. so my dear friend chris shawver is gonna let me share with him because he has a top locker. but if kayla gets a top then i'm sharing with her. we'll see how that works out.

oh yes the jamboree was awful. we didn't even get to cheer. i went to cassie's though at like 8. cody and james were there and we just sat around and watched movies. was fun.

well that is all for today fokes. tune in later for more updates. haha that was dorkish.
HH3k420 (11:59:29 AM): that party was the definition of boppin   
10:18pm 11/08/2003
mood: thirsty
im updating. the past few weeks i've been staying pretty busy doing stuff with all the friends. it's been ALOT of fun! last night though had to be by far the best party all summer in montgomery county. it was jacobs going away party. anyone who didn't go really missed out. i'm going to miss jacob alot, i've gotten pretty close to him considering my best friend is his sister and everything we do he usualy is with us. he's like my older bro that i never had. tonight i didn't do anything, since i haven't stayed home in a while. oh yah, i got my belly button pierced! it's cute, me and laura got the same two rings and we didnt even go together. i found that amusing. oh yes molly-in your journal entry i know exactly how you feel! but see it helps that my best friend doesn't usually have relationships either. i'm tired and i have cheerleading from 8-12 tomorrow so i guess i should go get some sleep.
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it's amazing how you can love someone so much in so little time   
12:36am 03/08/2003
mood: cold
im up late and there's nothing to do except to update. my subject is referring to my new baby sister. oh my she's so precious. i've already got her spoiled.the baby was born on July 29 and we named her Mackenzie Grace. She weighed 6 pounds and 14 oz,she's so tiny and cute.

Lately i've been just hanging out alot with people. I've also met alot of new people. So it's been fun.

I'm hoping we don't start school on time. I really need to read my summer assignment. I think i'm gonna read all day tomorrow. I'm only on 82 out of 639 and i haven't done any of the assignment. So yah i need to get started.

My love life sucks. Nothing new. So it doesn't matter. Well i guess it really doesn't suck considering i don't like anyone at all. So it's not like i'm wanting something i can't have.

Lately i've discovered that being around my family makes me feel so complete.

I've bored you and me enough. goodnight
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i have classes with like nobody :(   
02:58pm 17/07/2003
  1) Biology-Little (yay go me!!!)
2) Algebra 2-Glenn (i wanted enicks)
3) RTV-Beach
4) Adv. English 2-Bedell
5) Keyboading-Doughty
6) Latin 2-Warren

so if you have any classes with me comment!

oh and about my other entry thanks to all those that commented! even my favorite cousin, JESS!
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cheer camp finally over!   
08:39am 14/07/2003
  hey guys! yesterday i got back from camp. it was fun. i roomed with krista and on the other side of us was whit and laura. woowee we had alot of "giggle" moments. such as dani and krista (wont go into that) lol.laura rode home with me and after we ate we slept the whole way home, then once i got home about 3:30 i went to bed and didn't wake back up till 8 this morning, man i musta been tired. lol. and katie called me while i was asleep and im not sure what we talked about? so i guess i should call her and see what she said lol. we did really good on sunday, if you wanna see what all we got look at racheals journal. except she got one thing wrong.

we got 1st overall in our cheer

not 4th!! lol where is the world did you get that??

well im gonna go unpack. bye!
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you still have all of me. . .   
07:00pm 09/07/2003
mood: lonely
man i hate feeling emotions, i mean yah some are great to feel but don't you think we could just get rid of the other ones, like being unwanted. it doesn't have to deal with my friends, but guys. last night i went over to an aunts house and a bunch of my family was in town, they all said how pretty i have gotten and kept going on and on. sure it makes me feel great, but it makes me depressed because i always then end up wondering why don't guys see what my family sees? does anyone ever feel that way? well tomorrow i leave for cheer camp, i'm excited me and krista got all kinds of things for our rooms, it's gonna look cute i think. but i better go pack all my stuff for it. farewell.
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"oooh life's a bitch and then you die"   
05:08pm 07/07/2003
mood: pleased
hey! i have a few minutes to spare so i decided to write. i'll catch you up on my 4th of July (lol kris).

Thursday-Me and Katez left for the lake. We just played around all day and met some people at the lake.

Friday-We rode waverunners, but ours got rope in the engine and we just happened to see eric, clifton, and caleb so they took us to the dock and i rode around with caleb and katez rode around with clifton on their waverunners for the rest of the day. then we went and took showers, got ready, rode around, then about 8 reyes and tim took us to paris landing to see the fire works. after that we went to mcdonalds and guess who we saw!? CASSIE + JESS!! we were like heyyyy! haha it was great. then we went back to the camp ground.

Saturday-We went out on the lake, then got ready, and rode around to "life's a bitch then you die!" and "right thare" (trying to spell how they sounded lol) me and katez new songs. then we went up to the lake and talked to cody and caleb forever in cody's car (his car is really nice) then cody took us back to our camper.

Sunday-we left to go to the "Byard's Reunion". just a buncha family. we went home, katies parents came and got her, then me and my mom went over to my grandparents house where a bunch of my other family was. my uncle took me on a ride in his </u>new corvette</u> and guess what he let me do!? yep he let ME drive!!! i was so excited, it goes really fast, maybe he'll give it to me. lol i doubt it.

well anyways i have to go to a cheerleading meeting at 6 and it's at whitney's and by the sounds of it, she lives way out in no where so i should be going. farewell!
ah tomorrow i go to the lake!   
11:05am 02/07/2003
mood: anxious
i'm very bored with nothing to do so i decided to write about my week so far.

Monday-Katie came over along with Craig. Then Alan, Cassie, and Michael stopped by. We all decided to go to John's house. So it was me, katie, chris, craig, cassie, alan, michael, rob, and john. We had alot of fun.I got to drive Rob's explore to the gas station!! the only bad thing was coming back a cop followed us but then turned. woo was that a good thing. anyways then we came home.

Tuesday-During the day Cassie picked me up and we went to her work then out to eat at Don Panchos. Then she took me home. At about 8 Cassie came back and picked me up and we met people at Kroger (the new meeting spot haha) Jacob, Josh, Jessica, me, Cassie, Adam, Katie all went out to Ghostbridge. My lord that place is scary! We didn't do the thing with the car though because Adam was taking me home and he had to be home by 11 and it was already like uh 10:50 and if yall know where ghostbridge is its VERY far away from my house and Josh's house. but anyways it was fun.

Today-i want to go buy a new bathing suit, so i hope to get to do that. Tonight i think cass might spend the night, but im not sure yet. but i think i've bored you enough!oh yah the last entry about me being interested in someone, i'm NOT! anyways goodbye.
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good as i was to yoooou....   
11:35am 26/06/2003
mood: ditzy
i love that song. d/l it or something. it's called "good as i was to you" by lorrie morgan. anyways i might be interested in someone and this someone came over last night for a little bit. we'll see what happens. hey yall pray for Katie's mawmaw (grandma) she's in the hospital and she's really sick, and the worst thing is that they don't know what it is that's wrong with her so please pray for her family. i'm not sure what i'm gonna do today, i wanted to go shopping but my family has no time for me all they do is work, lol well i guess that's a good thing because i wouldn't be able to shop at all if they didn't work. and i don't really wanna complain because that's not cool. lol. can you tell i'm bored? well i suppose i'll go take a shower or something. if something interesting happens i'll write later but for now farewell!
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how weird..it's been so long that he's called, and he called   
11:01pm 22/06/2003
mood: cold
well wow! I haven't updated in some time, so i will now. Lately i've been doing cheerleading and hanging out with friends. Cheerleading is over for two weeks then we go to camp. I'm rooming with krista, so i'm excited about it all. Oh and Whitney got captain and Holly go co-captain and they're really sweet girls so i'm thinking this year is gonna be great with that subject. I went to the lake this weekend. We rode wave runners. It was so much fun, i love being out on water, i feel so free. it's great. lol. i got a tad bit burnt though, but i got the sun i much needed. I felt so white. i still need some more though. On another note, i'm single but i think i'm ready for that year long type relationship. Doesn't it suck when you feel so alone? I always want more out of life, you think i could just be happy with what i have but no i want more. Anyways mom is having the baby on July 29th at 10:30 in the morning, she's having a sea section that's why we know the time and everything lol..no i'm just good like that and know when everything is gonna happen, not. Anyways i'm excited about getting to see the baby. But i'm gonna go take a shower and go to bed, the sun makes me so tired. goodbye!
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Interesting Day   
12:41pm 05/06/2003
mood: shocked
Well summer has started and so far it's been good, but then again interesting. I've spent most of the time with friends (mostly katie). Last night i spent the night with katie at her grandfather's house this morning he dropped me off at katie's while katie went to cheerleading. I was there alone, well all of a sudden i hear someone come through the basement door. My first reaction was to get out of the house and that's what i did. I called my grandmother then she called my mom. My mom called me and said "Do you see anyone?" i turned and looked at the house and i saw someone in katie's parent's bedroom window. I got so scared then started walking towards the street. We called the police and my grandmother went and got Katie from cheerleading. The only thing i could keep thinking is what if i wasn't here and katie had walked in on them, or i was fixing to get in the shower but i didn't, i wonder what would have happened if i got out of the shower and they were there. Today i definitly learned that i take my life for granted. That was probably the scarediest i have ever been in my life. I'm just lucky that God was with me EVERY step of the way and i do believe without him i couldn't have reacted so well as i did. Well with that concluded i'm going to go, bye.
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i want Nate to decorate my room!   
04:14pm 12/05/2003
mood: cheerful
about the subject-on Oprah, Nate (a decorater) is decorating houses. anyways. this weekend i was mostly with Katez and Wes.

Friday-went over to katez house w/ wes. hung out for a while, then wes took me home.
saturday-spent most of the day doing a scrapbook for my mommy for mother's day. went to the mall, got katez a present, then went to her house. all her family was in town and she had people over that night. spent the night, went to bed about 3:00.
sunday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATEZ!!! got up and went to my step-dad's mom's house, then went to my nanny's and papa's house. did the gift thing, then katez came over and showed me her CAR that she got for her birthday. it's cute, it's a blue bug.

well that was my weekend. tonight i'm going to see my little cousin that i haven't seen in two years so i'm excited. goodbye!
my weekend   
03:06pm 28/04/2003
mood: tired
hey! well my weekend was eventful so i shall share.

Friday-Me,Kayla,Haley,Alyssa,Amanda,and Katie went out to eat at Rafferty's then we walked to Putt-Putt and almost got raped lol. Putt-Putt was alot of fun Trey Lambert let us ride go-carts for free like a bunccccch of times. i got the fast amry car! haha. Then Trey Shock took Me and Kayla back to my house.

Saturday-Woke up, did some stuff. Went and got my hair done then came home and got ready for *prom*. Katie came over around 5 and we took a bunch of pictures then when Jonathan and Danny got to my house my family took even more pictures. We went to springfield to eat at this itilan restuarnt. it was good. then we went to prom. i had a great time! after that we went to my house and changed then went to afterprom-that was also fun. We got home around 5:30.

Sunday-Woke up at 12. Went to my step-sisters little performance thing for dance, came home. Then my mom got a phone call from her work saying that one of her friends got her arm (from the elbow down) tore off. So since my mom was upset, i drove to Vanderbilt. We stayed till about 10:30 and got home around 11:15.

So basically i'm really tired today. updates on my mom's friend-they weren't able to put her arm back on since it was tore off. So please keep her in your prayers. thanks!
back to the real life   
03:38pm 20/04/2003
  sorry for the lack of update. i hope everyone had a great spring break, i know i did. i went to Panama City Beach with katez,kayla,jacob, and jonathan. We hung out with alot of people from clarksville though, and also met alot of people. me and katie wanna move to Georgia. lol. well not too much new has happened in my life. i got rep. again for student council and i tried out for cheerleading and made that. other then those things not alot has been happening. i really liked the life of nothing in PCB, lay out all day, party all night. it was great. but i guess everything has to come to an end. it went by too fast, oh well only another year to wait till spring break again lol. congrats to all the girls who made the NEHS dance team and the RHS cheerleading team. (i thought i would include that). ee katie if you're reading this that really cute guy from Georiga just I-Med me! lol well i'm gonna go bye!  
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a few things to let you know   
07:52pm 27/03/2003
mood: restless
i'm very tired and probably fixing to go to bed. but before i do i would like to say a few things.

as i read some journals i found that alot of people were unhappy. now that i know that, you will be in my prayers. and just to let you know weather i'm close to you, your best friend, or we don't even talk i'm here for everyone of you. i might not be the best person on advice but i will listen and i will help in everyway i can. i know how it feels to be alone and i know how it feels to have someone there for you. and i know which one i like better. so whenever you need someone to talk to but you're not sure who to go to remember i'm here
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people put me in awe   
08:43pm 23/03/2003
mood: amused
well i decided to update. this is my weekend. . .

*Friday-wes,sara,dustin,ken, and haley came over
*Saturday-i picked Kayla and Haley up and we went to the RHS pageant. it was set up way different than the NEHS pageant but it was still fun.
*Sunday-church, then set up our new camper.

me and kayla are getting closer and it's great! some people seem to think things that they don't know what they are talking about, but oh well i guess they think they know me so well. anyways i love you kayla!!

*-KATIE! if we don't do anything this weekend i'll cry-it's been like two weeks since we've done something lol. love ya girl!

hope you all had a great weekend-bye!